Monday, April 04, 2005

Party Politics and the Christian Ghetto

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I read Angela Wittman’s piece today entitled, “Why I am a Christian Independent” and came away from it so encouraged. I would advise everyone to check out her website and read what she had to say.

For myself, I proudly bear the same title. I have for quite some time advocated what I call (although I presume that there have been others who have advocated such a system although I have not read any of their material nor do I believe any to be of any real significance) an “Open Party System.” In upcoming days I will post some of the articles and letters that I had written during this past Presidential Election campaign regarding this system.

Although I am strongly opposed to political sects in general I assume that, at least for now, they are an evil to be dealt with. It is my conviction that Christians ought to keep themselves from any permanent (including the GOP and the Constitution Party) political party affiliation and membership. I believe for many reasons that such action by the Christian Electorate within a Party System has resulted in a Christian special interest ghetto. It is my belief that if Christians would like to regain some form of political relevance and be seen as more than a special interest group to be coddled with religious rhetoric every election year then we may want to reconsider our position on the issue of Party Politics and its affect on Christian social change.

Although I accept the Party System as a reality to be dealt with I do not concede that it is a system that must be embraced with blind commitment and partisan zeal. While I see some (and I admit this with much regret) advantages to such a system I do not believe it to be in the best interest for true “representative government” or the “free marketplace of ideas.” I mention the latter because it is here and here alone, outside of a violent revolution, that we will see any advancement of Christian Reconstruction.

Personally, I believe that one may participate in party politics (for to not do so would cause one to become socially irrelevant) without being chained down by partisanship or groupthink. This “use” of the Party system would deny the Sect the power of ownership and obligation all the while giving the electorate the political “weight” by which to hold individual politicians accountable for their actions regardless of their political affiliation. Only once we understand this will we regain the power of political influence...

Much more will be written on the issues of the “Party Politics and the Psychology of the Electorate,” “Party Politics influence on Christian Social Theory,” and “Party Politics and Political Irrelevancy” in the upcoming days…

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