Monday, April 11, 2005

The Madness Of Our Times

Marching To The Rythm Of The New World Order Posted by Hello

Statism reveals a lot about a society that claims to desire "freedom."

War reveals a lot about a Religion which claims to spread peace and freedom through the gospel.

Advocating Secular Democracy (or Democracy alone for that matter!) reveals a lot about those who claim to believe in Original Sin.

Religious zeal for Secular Imperialism reveals a lot about a faith that claims to fear a New World Order.

It also reveals the lack of conviction we seem to have concerning Christ's Biblical Theocratic Kingdom being only political system that will bring world freedom, prosperity, order and justice.

All in all it would seem that current realities reveal a lot about our faith and Nation's internal schizophrenia. What a strange and peculiar people we are indeed.


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At 8:17 AM , Anonymous Sophist said...

It also reveals the lack of conviction we seem to have concerning Christ's Biblical Theocratic Kingdom being only political system that will bring world freedom, prosperity, order and justice.

Well, well, well. Yet another voodoo Christian it seems. Prophecy will see to itself, and you will not hasten the hand of g-d by attempting to fulfill it through your own actions. Leave the building of Christ's kingdom to Christ.

Unless you feel you could do a better job of it, that is.

At 12:08 PM , Blogger Jeremiah Bannister said...

When you say that "Prophecy will see to itself" I am presuming that you are a pessimillenilist (pre-trib, apocalyptic futurist of the non-”voodoo” LeHay persuasion). Would I be wrong to say that you are one that believes in the Antichrist, 666 implant chips, planes falling out of the sky, etc.? If this be the case then I would have some confusion regarding just who here is "voodoo."

I am of the persuasion that Church has a responsibility in history to the progress not only of personal morality but also to Institutional betterment. I do not believe that the gospel can make progress without, consequently, making Institutional progress. I would go further and say that Christianity has a civil obligation to align, to the best of their ability, their political theory with the Scripture. I do not see this as strange seeing that most all believers would admit to the idea that the Bible deals and has answers for every area of life. (would this include economics, taxation, poverty, debt, interest, immigration, trade, the judiciary, etc.? Or are these left to the other side of the Kantian divide in the realm of secular pluralism/polytheism?)

Lastly, Christ builds the Kingdom... but how? Through people, ideas, actions, events, etc. etc. To say that Christ builds the Kingdom but does so with no use of physical human agents is nonsense. Believe it or not, our ideas and our actions have consequences. I just pray that our godly actions will help to better society from a grossly secular and wicked society to a godly and even Biblical (Theocratic=God Rule).

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