Monday, April 25, 2005

American Conservatism: A Beautiful Failure

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"The Double-Edged Sword Of Party Politics" by, Jeremiah Bannister

All of the comments here are fair. Sure, Buchannan understands the "game" of politics better than many of us who spew our thoughts on blogs. Has he lost credibility? You bet he has! With the establishment? You bet! Would it be politically wise or prudent for him to full out endorse, or run for that matter, on a third party platform? (Must we be reminded that Howard Phillips founded the Constitution Party in part for Mr. Buchannan to run with?) That would be a nail in his coffin. In a coffin it is still better to speak from above ground than 6-feet-deep.

The crux of the matter here that would be worthy of further consideration is that of Conservatives relationship to any political party. In my estimation it is a two edged sword. If you stand outside off of the dance floor you may not be asked to dance. Yet if you go and dance alone (or act as if you are dancing with another) you may look like the village idiot. When an ideology (and one as difficult to define as it is to unite) lays to rest in a Party that is not defined by its ideas, values, or existence then what seems to be the case (as far as history may reveal) is that the ideology and its constituency become tools of the organization or party. The black democrats and Christian right republicans are classic examples of such constituencies. The conservative movement seems to also have fallen victim to this tendency.

Another case in point, as ironic as it is appropriate, is Pat Buchannan. He has been ignored, smothered, ridiculed, mocked, and left out to dry by the Republican Party. The same of course could be said about his policies! Yet he returns to the hand that beats him! Listening to him and others that speak so publicly about their hatred for the administration and what they are doing to America reminds me of women with “battered wife syndrome.” These women call 911 begging the police to save them from their husbands and when the authorities arrive they start assaulting them insisting, “That is my husband; get your hands off of him! I love my husband, he really didn’t mean it. He can change.” This sort of reaction is as predictable as it is sad. The same can be said of Conservatives and Party politics.

So whether we stay or go both have their sting. The answer may best be found by reviewing the progress (whether in policy or restraint on radical leftist policies) since our formal founding. Those who have stayed are ignored. Those who leave are marginalized (at least those who run to third parties). Either way we have been ignored for a long, long time. Maybe we ought to take a cue from the Neoconservatives who abandoned their party and soon afterward found prominence in Administrations? Maybe a case should be made for abstention? Any way we go, maybe those in Cardinal College can assist us in finding a conclusion.

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At 10:41 AM , Blogger Chris Campbell said...

Paleocrat, just came across this post and thank you for it.After 4 yrs of attacking Bush, Buchanan stumped for him in 2004, right afterwards ,another 4 yrs of complaining and attacking, then threw in towel and called conservatives (whatever that means, I do not know anymore) to "Come home" to the GOP, even more in bed with Neocons/big Business.

Right after election 2004, Buchanan had a article posted at Lew Rockwell.I emailed Lew to note how hypocritical Pat was, his response to me-read it or not, up to you, clearly a shut up and read it or drop dead.

Thanks for bursting the Buchanan halo so supported y "conservative" and "traditional" Catholics-he is still a hero to them...Pat may be right at times, but to me, he has little credibility overall.

Chris Campbell
Director, Distributist party
(2004-2008 Constitution Party of NC Chairman and 2008-2009 Member-at-large)

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